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set a material by name


I managed to have szenes without any material definition.

I have to set the defaults there..

But I can not set a material by its name..  I created some new ones, but it won't apply..

I have to typ a name.. relux would set some value, that I need to change.

whenever there is no name, it is also not possible to write directly in the second column since there is no name in the first one.

there is a lot a clicking for getting any defaults..

please improve this situation.. thanks a lot..or tell me how to get a faster way..



not completely true..
typing the '12 diffus' in the second column would set the floor name by itself..
so one can just type the 'xx diffus' ... still 3 times typing per szene in a floor.. with 34 szenes...  my fingers hurt..



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