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Have a Manufacturer-free ROLF file?

 the *.rolf file is an editable ascii file.

one can edit some of the fields to for example have an own Luminaire Name..

I could change <order number> or <Name>..   but what did not go was to omit the manufacturer?

there is this checksum in the file..  I believe some of those fields are protected by this checksum..

how can I make my own one?   

whenever I use Relux export into my CAD, these manufacturer names are also transfered.. for our planing office, we are supposed to plan without any preferential hints of manufacturer..  at least in the CAD plan.

Would be nice if the editing of luminaire attributes would go further than those to fields already accessible (also within Relux), and this '!' would disappear from those modified items within the Relux product list.

(have manufacturer/model free transfer of data via ReCad)

(and of course still waiting for the multiple *.asc file selection at import, and improvements on the exports side too:

for instance the automatic filename with the room number)


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