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HELP! How to create a building where the ceiling has two different profile?

I was wondering if Relux could help the user build every kind of rooms. From what i understand, the user has access to many tools such as "rectangle" "L shape" "Shed roof" and many more to build their scene. The most basic concept behind these are creating a top view or side view profile and then extruding it to a certain height or depth.

My problem is to draw a shed roof but it has 2 different profile. That is the height of the ceiling is higher at certain spot in the room. How do I build that in Relux? Is it even possible? Is there a way maybe of building the 3D model in another CAD software and then importing it to Relux? Below is a picture of roughly what I am trying to build

Another problem would be how to build a room with a cone head? A dome? 


Can someone help me please?

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Hi, I just figured how to do that - i am using the latest version of Relux and you just have to create a New Scene in 3D, create the profile of your Ceiling Profile and then on extrusion you select "Depth". Good luck


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