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Imported VRML 3d CAD Model from Microstation - How do you change the floor plan to match the imported data


I am fairly new to both Relux and lighting design.

I have imported a 3D design CAD model from Microstation (using VRML) i.e. a railway platform. I had to divide the model into 3 and merge in Relux due to the size of the VRML file.

I have assigned surfaces and positioned the lights, but the results I obtain are not what I expected!

I think it maybe something to do with the floor, as it appears in a different place i.e. the 'z' is a lot lower than the 3D cad data. Can I move the floor  to coincide with the 3D model,  or do I have to move a 3D model, if so how do I do that?

Like I said I am fairly new, so if there is a step by step guide somewhere please could you send me a link? thanks



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I have moved the 3D data in Microstation to co-ordinates 0,0,0, so now the floor and 3D are in the same place. It would have been better if the data was in it's original co-ordinates especially if I have to import future models into Relux.

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