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File import

Hi, i am using relux 2016 e relux 2017 for a lighting analysis. I have a problem with a building acquired with laser scanner. The source file was created with Geomagic studio 2012 (.wrp) and exported in: .dxf - .wrl - .obj - .stl After many attempts i was unable to analyze the building. Could you direct me to an appropriate conversion software?

 Hi Daniel,

Laser scanned buildings usually have a vast amount of 3D-faces.

I would guess that this is the problem. Do you have the possibility to check the number of faces?


Check if Blender can help you.
(there is something which converts faces in to solids.. somewhere..never used it..)


Thanks for interest, i've used software like blender, 3ds max and other without solving the problem. I solved differently editing the origin file. Reducing the mesh vertices and at last i started analyzing...

was it FreeCAD ?

I thought I read somewhere that this is possible..

at least this is a good theme for new AI software tools..

like a pdf/dwg reader that converts architektur plans into BIM.

whenever Relux will accept BIM all this capturing work could be saved..


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