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Export multiple rooms


after the light planning, i use the export function to create *.asc files to import them into plancal nova.

In the 2016 version i had to export every room by hand and rename it to eg. serverroom.asc. So i'm wondering if it might be possible to export multiple rooms somehow in the new 2017 Version. Havent found the option so far, only the menu where you can export single rooms that are named projectname.asc.


Thank you for the feedback, I will add this to the feature list.

As far as I know,if you import your room from Plancal-Nova you get the right name from it.. so export it back will keep it.
But yes a features that would import and export multiple files would be great. (plancal nova, exports all the rooms at once.. Relux wants a single room treatment at import..)

there are stil some issues concerning doors and windows placements during expport from plancal or import to relux.. could find out in which case.. the *.asc file shows false wall number attribution, so probably this is a plancal issue.



@Kurt Bieri

thank you! looking forward to have this feature in a future update

multiple import/export seems to be on the agende of 2017.1.7.0




very good news, can you please post the link where i can find the agenda?

it was an answer from a ticket.. no agenda for now (I believe, 1.6.0 just came out.. but probably less then 3 months, if they keep the same pace)


M.Constantinou:'Wir möchte Sie hiermit informieren, dass Ihre Anfrage im nächsten update der Desktop 2017.1.7.0 implementiert wird'

I got this statement from a ticket:

Wir möchte Sie hiermit informieren, dass Ihre Anfrage im nächsten update der Desktop 2017.1.7.0 implementiert wird.

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Relux Informatik AG
Maria Constantinou
Relux Support

So no Agenda, but if they keep the pace of updates, I believe less than 3 months..


not from an agende, but as reply on a ticket-submission.
wait and see..


Done in 2017.1.8p :-)
Some limitation to 7 or 8 fils at the time, will be solve in the next released, I have been told.
Floor Mode in running good..
Some few 3D features more and it is almost perfect.. like as we can have different room heights, one could have different floor levels?
And some selected combined 3D views of several floors..
(saw some xbgml file import with 2 different floors in Relux.. but only single floor views :-( )

Anyway, thanks for the speed of updates..


i found this thread via google, because i got the same problem.

I can choose multiple rooms for dwg/dxf-export, but not for *.asc-export, which is what i want to import in plancal.
my version is 2018.1.2.0 -- seems that this feature got removed in newer versions than 2017.1.8.



the multiple export from plancal and multiple import into Relux is to me still valide. (with *.asc files)

add a floor in Relux and your model is 'in the box', at least one floor.

(some issues with doors and windows still need to be fixed wether from plancal or relux, i can not tell)

but yes the way back to plancal is still one room after the other.. it has never been a multiple way back far as the *.asc files are concerned.

still waiting for it.


im talking about a multiple export from relux. Plancal is another story. Would be nice to have a function like this.
I know, this is not a difficult think to implement.

two other solutions would do it: make the software opensource or implement an API for any scripting language.


should be available in the next update.. I was told.


Here it is.. Thank You Relux.

Will check it if everything is fine with it.

First is


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