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'LOCAL' folder location

Relux pro used to have a RELUXSUITE/LOCAL folder where associated manufacturer .ldt files were kept. Where is the folder in this new version? For the companies who's fittings were not available through relux update (either because they're not partnered or the fitting is so new it's not on they database) we would manually download and create directories inside this local folder for user added manufacturers files.

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As a temporary fix you can add photometric data for individual luminaires by going into Products>luminaires>Add...

Then Individual luminaire tab > 'Browse..' to find your file and open it > click 'Add>>' and click OK.

You should be able to use the custom luminaire.

I hope this helps until you know the folder location.

 C:\ProgramData\Relux Informatik AG\ReluxData

For anyone who's interested.

Nice of them to change this location without telling anyone.

Only noticed this on the data update panel on the online update function.

ReluxDesktop personal luminaires are kept here: C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Relux Informatik AG\ReluxDesktop\fremdlvk

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