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stabilities issues..

 I am not happy with the 2017.1.0 version.. it get often crashes..

and I can not set the reports since my exchange account is not found as default mail client..


 Hi, I had the same problem before the last update 2017.1.1 try to check the software update in help> online update. It solved this any crash problem to me.



wenn opening more than 20 3-D-Windows I get an annouced crash..
(during the import of *.asc scenes...)


crash report attached..


disabling the OpenGL drivers helped a lot.. even if Mesa driver should be more reliable..
Back to winodws drivers works much better..


Constantly failing to start!

After using desktop for around 6 months I've recently installed it on a new machine.

Running on Windows 10, Intel i7 quad core processor 16gb ram 4gb AMD radion graphics card.

and every other time I try to open relux I get an error and have to run a repair with the install software and restart the machine.


create a ticket, or make a phone call to support..


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