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Pseudo Colors Relux Desktop

 I have just created a project in Relux desktop everything was going fine until a done a emergency calculation and clicked on the Pseudo colors and there is no results coming up. I have checked everything to see if i have missed something but i can figure it out. As i have the results for the tables, does anyone have any suggestions.

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 We are also having the same problem.

I was about to upload the same results images showing the tables and pseudo colours until I saw your post.

Clients are asking if our calculations are wrong and are causing all sorts of fuss over this; questioning our results and asking for a second opinion etc.

Worth noting that a colleague loaded a project with this issue in to the old version of relux (relux pro) and the error persisted until he deleted the emergency reference plane, added a new emg ref plane, and re-calculated the scene. Hey presto! - pseudo colours for an emergency calculation.

Sounds to me like this is a bug in the new software and how output is created from an emergency calc.

Something else that is bothering me:

The minimum illuminance on the same emergency reference plane is different.

I don't get this - surely the result ought to be identical?

Still waiting for a response on this and other issues....

(47.8 KB)
(40.5 KB)
The way arround the emergncy plot is to insert a new emergency reference plane from the insert tab this is a bit of a pain as you now have to go around the edge of your building putting in all of the vertex. This can be time comsuming especially if you have an awkward bulding. You now can not just copy and paste the reference plane anymore which is quite annoying.


 Thanks for the reply Gary. I agree, that is time consuming and annoying - I'm trying to do a calc for a couple of stairwells, so there's a lot of reference planes to duplicate.

I'll see if this workaround effects the minimum illuminance discrepancy and post back my findings.

It would seem that with today's program update that this 'feature' has been fixed.

I made a test room with 12 whitecroft cascade fittings, with a std and an emg reference plane - the emg was copied from the std and reassigned to emg, then centred.
Ran the calc; plotted the output. Pseudo colours are now showing the appropriate numerical gradations on the scale bar. Not tested it on angled reference planes, stairs etc, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work there either.

Maybe this was already on a bugfix list prior to the release of the new relux version, but it shouldn't have been allowed to slip past for the sake of a release date.

Feedback to some of these topics would have been nice; this new forum has more tumble-weeds than the last one for sure...
A simple 'thanks for letting us know you are having a problem, it's on our list of bugs we are working on' would go a long way to keep people on board with the new release - instead of going back to the old one  and advising everyone in the office who uses relux to do the same (like I did).


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