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DXF Import Problems


I've been struggling with a 3D import for a long time, with no success. I'll run you through what I do and point out when it does wrong.

So, to start with I create a simple exterior simulation 200m long by 40m wide.


As you can see, at this point, all is fine, in the 3D view I can see the 200x40 area ready to use.


So next I import my .dxf model, i leave the scaling alone as the model is 1:1 and positioned at the origin.

Still good so far:


However you can see i need to move it a touch to the centre of my work area (it's a train station btw). So next i click it once and click on the handle to move it.


At this point it all goes wrong, the grid goes massive, the camera controls break so I can't really use anything.


You can just about make out my work area in the corner, in the opposite corner something else has appeared, I can't look at it though as the camera control have broken.

I need to know what is causing this problem as I need to run lighting simulations for this train station.

Please assist. I have attached the dxf file that I need to attach for you to look at, please get back to me as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, Darian Shurville.

PS, i cant attach the file, you have size limits in place that stop me. Please contact me by email if you want a copy:

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