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LVK different for same Luminaire?

 This is a picture of 54 same dowlights in a floor..  is that Ok that they show 4 different LVK profiles?

do they depend on the environment (walls, ceiling height) ? (this similar in ReluxSuite)

thought a LVK is a characteristic of a luminaire.. independant of its surrounding ?


to be read in (german):


I had similar problem. With calculation everything was alright, it is just some internal error of the graqphical representation of lamp's LVK. Sometimes it helps to delete them from file, save file, exit, and then open the file and import them. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but since calculation was correct I didn't try to investigate further.


these LVK are geometrie dependant.. so, it is not a mistake.

the LVKs that come with the luminaire are supposed to emit in a free space.. that is Ok for comparability.

In the Ldc Option you have the possibility to set the size of the ldc. As default the arrow length is set. In this case it depends where the luminaire is placed. Choose one of the other option and the position is not relevant anymore.



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