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orienting luminaires?


what was 'Band' in ReluxSuite changed to 'gruppe' in Reluxdesktop ?

Now in my picture the 3 Linear Lumilux where set previously in reluxSuite,  the 4 in the front are new (used to be a 3 pack, but wanted 4 now).

I am incapable of aligning these 4 new ones like the 3 old ones!!!

Moving all around.. but not getting what I want?    One can orient the 'Band1', and there within the Luminaire.. or one orient directly the Luminaire 1.1

But none of my tries do the job? 

Did I understand that the orientation in the luminaire 1.1 is incremental? and not an absolute value?

where as in 'band1' orientation these are absolute?

sorry, but I am confused..


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got it.. but cumbersome..
the automatic feature in setting the number of luminaire in 'Band' or 'Feld' is annoying..
in setting a 'Band' (row) one used to have the option keep the orientation of first Luminaire? is it gone..
still practicing..


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