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Drawing a 3D object

I may be completely missing something here but I can't find where to draw a object. I can only find place a cube. Can anyone help? Is there any way of downgrading back to the old RELUX?

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Hello Chris,

You can create a variety of 3D objects starting by "drawing" a prism from the Tab "Insert -> Base object -> Prism". Just be sure to assign the working plane to the desired direction. You can always add standard shapes such as cubes, cones, rings, etc, but the most powerful tool of RELUX is the Boolean operations. By this, you can create virtually any 3D object while mix, cut, intersect with objects.

As ReluxDesktop and ReluxSuite may run in parallel you can always work with both versions. The question is, do you really need to loose the advance functionality and the speed of ReluxDesktop? 



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