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export ReCad from floormode


I was exporting all my rooms from the floormode, one after the other.. to find out there were no luminaires in the files ?

One needs to select the scene and then export..   one after the other..   (mendokusai)

Ah... multiple files selections.. at import&export of ReCad.. hoppefully I do not need to wait too long for this feature.

and of course with general selection of all luminaires at the export ..-)


I opened a ticket for this. (not sure you can read into it)
it is 'at work'  by Klaus Heiß  who did the hotfixes for the floormode planing last year.


Still after some updates... still missing the multiple export of scenes or complete floors...

my ticket disappeared..added a new one.. #5800



Dear Lukas Alberts


This feature will be implemented in the next update.

You can then use "Export" to select all desired scenes and save them in a folder.

These files will be named as in this example: Project.scene.asc  


I hope this little feature will make your daily work easier.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support

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