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Changing multiple luminaires at once

In Relux Suite I was able to select a number of luminaires and right click then select properties to change all selected luminaires to a different type in one go.  It appears that in Relux Desktop each luminaire needs to be selected and changed individually.  Am I missing a trick somewhere or is it possible to add this feature in a future update please?

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 The right click properties (ctrl+b) has been replaced by the properties panel on the left.

Make sure the panel is selected in the window tab, ctrl / shift click the lights you want then use the 'type' to change them.

Not shown here is the 'emergency on' button that lives below the 'luminaire on' button - I think this is context sensitive to either having an emergency ref plane in your project, or having set the luminaire type to function as both std & emg output.

Lots of the functions now appear to be context sensitive, keep that in mind.

Every dev loves the ribbon. Not entirely sold on it myself either in relux, or autocad (my main software).

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