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Possible to export the aiming diagram to CAD

Hello RELUX,

I would suggest that the user will be able to export the aiming diagram to CAD.

What I mean is that when we do the aiming in RELUX, there is also a fuction to export the aiming diagram to CAD. Yes, we do can export to CAD but without any aiming diagram

Best regards,


Hello RELUX,

Any advise?

Best regards,


Almost 1 year.. any advise?

Dear Super Pippo

We apologize for not answering you.

Thanks for your concern. As you know there is no posibility to export the aiming arrow, or the light distribution curve to CAD.

I'll forward your request to our development team, they decide if it will be realized.

Please contact us for further feature requests directly at


Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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Any developments on this? I wish to do so as well!

Dear Super Pippo,

After exporting luminaire positions to CAD your CAD blocks are rotated according to the rotation specified in your Relux file. 

You can then edit your block in CAD by adding a line in the direction of block rotation.

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