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Emergency plane with space to architectural objects not working


I have a polygonal room for a retail design with a number of cubes representing shelving;


I have a problem with an emergency measurement plane.

The emergency measuring plane follows the outline of the room with a 0.5m offset from the walls (similar to the standard reference plane), and the plane is set to not 'calculate points inside objects', and have also set the 'spacing from architectural objects' to 0.2m.

The results are not what we expect, with calculation points inside the cubes;


As a test I inserted a smaller rectangular measuring plane, with the same settings which work OK;


As a further test, I increased the spacing to architectural objects, and once I get to 0.5m the holes in the measuring appear, but the gap is too big to be useful.


Is this a bug, or is there some control elsewhere that I need to change?

As an interim solution we can cut-out-contours, but it would be better if we can use the spacing to architectural objects at 0.2m.

I have also attached the RLX file if anyone needs to check my build.

Thanks, Rob

(1.46 MB)

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Hi Rob, I also have this issue and would prefer to use the 'spacing to architectural objects' approach. Have you had any feedback on your query? 

Hi Sean,

I haven't had any feed back as yet, and just checked my ticket with no updates there.



Hi Rob

I have the same problem and just have to use old version of Relux (ReluxPro) for this sort of calculations. I currently have both versions of software on my pc.

Good luck


Hi Kate,

That's a good idea in the short term.

I'll update this post if I hear back on the ticket I've raised with Relux.


Hi all,

I've just had an e-mail from the Relux team, they say the latest update resolves the problem, so please online update :-)



Hi Rob, many thanks for your update, it's now working on the design I'm currently doing. Best Regards, Sean

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