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I am able to edit the *.ldt files to have a manufacturer-free Luminary describtion into my CAD (after *.asc transfer).

But with the ldt files I am missing the pictures of the luminary in my Relux part list (BOM), also the CAD description is low.

The Rolf file includes all this (xml), but with Hash or so to protect them.

The Rolfz is a zip package of the information, password protected.

I understand the security concerns of the luminary makers.. but I want the same feature as with my edited ldt files.

Have the option to change:

line 1, line 9 and line 10 to adapt the text to fit to my CAD import (plancal/nova/trimble)

well I could change





in the ROLF file which helps me also to adapt the file to my CAD-import.

Now I am afraid I need to do this each time the time-stamp runs out. (sounds like it depends on the manufacturer for how long they last)

Using DDS-CAD is a complete different case.. there I need anyway to connect each Luminary to a database within DDS-CAD, at that time I can create my customized set of Data.

How will it be with BIM files?


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