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how to create a backlit ceiling?

Hi! I am trying to create a back lit ceiling. As a first test I importet glass materials. After this I created a rectangle and placed it below my lights. As last I applied the material to the rectangle. But while calculation the transparency of the material seems to be ignored. Only the reflection of the glass is calculated and the real ceiling is bright but below it is dark. I also tried to get it work by creating a thin cube and assigning the material to all of its surfaces, but the same like with the rectangle. I appreciate every help! Thx! Andy

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Hi Andreas,

You can measure the light in a room from a source behind a translucent surface. It can be done using raytrace, rather than radiosity. 

Select 'raytrace calculation' in the calculation manager. Make sure you select the 'calculate measuring areas' option to read out the illuminance on your task area.

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