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Inclination of ceilings


Is it possible to assign an inclined ceiling to an "interior room with a plan"?

of course..  the normal walls are 'extruded' from the groundfloor in the normal procedure..
but you can modify the 'groundfloor' by selecting a side wall to be 'extruded'..  like this you can have almost 'any' kind of ceiling for your room.
check out youtube videos or online tutorials.



could you please make a tutorial and show how we can make a sloping ceiling on a built room and have at the same time the plan and the section as cad on the back ground?
Many o my classmates have a problem with this...
vg von Hochschule Wismar 

Ok, but so far I could not figure out how to get a polygonal floor *and* an inclined ceiling. If I draw a polygon on the ground and extrude the walls vertically, I get stuck with a horizontal ceiling. If I draw a polygon on the wall and extrude it horizontally, I get stuck with a rectangular floor. How can I overcome such limitations?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Rosivaldo Fernandes Alves,

You have correctly described the limitations of the room construction in ReluxDesktop, it is not yet possible to create a polygonal floor with a inclined ceiling at the same time.

Therefore you have to decide whether to extrude the floor and add a 3D geometry for the ceiling or to extrude your room from the walls and add 3D geometry to determine the room boundary.
You should choose the second approach if your room contains roof windows.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again for further questions.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

Thanks for the quick reply.  It helps a lot.

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