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Revit to Relux link

Firstly I am not a Relux user.

However I have been testing the new Relux Addin for Revit.

It seem fairly good- import lights from ReluxNet, create the lighting layout for various room types and required lux levels all in Revit.

I am assuming the old way was to export the geometry from Revit via gbXML to Relux Desktop and do the calculations there.

However, I am not clear if Relux  Addin for Revit will allow illuminance renders and other lighting visualization tools that Relux desktop seems to have? If not then surely my lighting designer is going to still want to use Relux Desktop ? This brings me to my first problem if we do the lighting design in Revit how do we get the design , including luminaires into Relux Desktop ?

This seems to be the way DIAlux has gone with its plugin for MagiCAD.

Hopefully some more experienced user will tell me I have missed something ?

Many thanks


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