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Revit to Relux using gbXML


I am trying to export a 3D model from Revit to Relux Desktop using a gbXML file. 

I am practicing on the architectural model sample from Revit : Arch Link Model.rvt

I managed to solve all the errors when exporting from Revit in gbXML.

However, when I import the gbXML file in Relux using "interior with 3D information", I get a lot of random errors. 

Even thought I made several tries, using different export parameters, I still get only a few spaces in Relux. 

I attached a screenshot of what I get in Relux. 


Has anyone else ever experienced the same problem ? Am I missing something ? 

Thanks in advance,


Hi Caroline,
Hope you solved the issue. What we're finding now is that the rooms willl export fine but without the furniture. Has this happened to you and have you been able to solve it?

Hi, make sure all the rooms have a Revit 'room' (like when it looks blue and you can name the room)

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