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UGR with more luminaires

Hello. I'm a new user of Relux Desktop.

I was making an university exercise of a lighting design of a school. 

I made the artificial lights inside a classroom plus the lighted emergency sign on the exit door but I saw that when I put more than one kind of luminaires inside a room, the calc result doesn't show me the UGR value on the Reference Area.

Is there a way to say to the software to make a calc without the emergency light? So it will use only one kind and show the UGR?

Or there is a way to get UGR value on a surface in another way? I only find the POV UGR Calc...

Thank you in advance

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I found the answer. It was so easy. I can create a Measurement Area and in the Calculation Option I can choose to Calc the UGR Table!

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