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Relux CAD

Which Autocad product is best for reluxCAD for lightimg design purpose ? Autocad LT Or Autocad Electrical ?

what if you looked at Dialux and FreeCAD, they should exchange within the ifc standard.
Have not time to check this, would be happy to hear about experiences.


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Actually I am using dialux.. but i want to install reluxcad on my pc !!

so which autocad product should i buy for best lighting designing in reluxcad ? 

 Should i buy Autocad electrical or Autocad LT ?

to use relux lightning simulations you do not need any reluxcad..


Please guide me on proper process installation of reluxcad with autocad ?

Syetem requirement and payment procedure ?

Reluxdesktop is free, and works without Autocad..  if CAD then use and improve FreeCAD.


I can use all attached tool in freecad ?

ReluxDesktop works without CAD at all..

 I have no ideas about ReluxCAD..  neither on the FreeCAD usage with ReluxDesktop.

Just a ReluxDesktop user.


 Then Who Guide me properly for reluxcad installation ?

then you might ask supprt by filling-in a ticket?


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