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Weird luminaires outreach value


As per my attached file (reluxdesk_street_outreach_prob.jpg), how do we get this 31.40 value if you use the road configuration below? The outreach value should be 2.5.

Road Lighting Classes ME3a
Description of pole
Mounting height (m)  12.0 / 12.0
Bracket arm (m)  4.0
Overhang (m)  -0.75 / 2.5
Angle of inclination (degree)  5
Arrangement  Double Sided
Staggered + Central
Spacing between poles (m)  44
Description of road
Type of surface Asphalt CIE R3
Average luminance coefficient (Qo) 0.07
Number of lanes  7
Width of carriageway (m)  25.9
Width of central reserve (m)  3

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I am sorry, please run from ReluxSuite. Anyone can reproduce this bug?

I have also attached the RDF file.

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have a Support Ticket...
this here is not wanted anymore..
Software industry is afraid of KI and all the Google/Facebook power..
The business models have to be adapted fast.. they have to earn with advertising and customer-data..
If Software wants to survive they have to open it.. and let this here live again..


Dear Super Pippo

Can you please send us your Relux-File as .rdf to, we would like to reproduce the error.

In this case, it's hardly possible for other users to help you. 

We are also interested in having a good forum. Users shoud have the possibility to share informations about handling, settings, simplifications and a lot more.

If they need help because there is a oftware-bug, the software crashes or they have feature request, is the fastest way to get a solution.


Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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