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Modifying road lighting classes


How can I modify lighting classes of road calculation? Or alternatively create new classes?

In Finland there are some anomalies compared to EN 13201-2.

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Dear Tomi Eskelinen

It is not possible to include new classes in the road calculation, because these classes are standardized in many countries.
But it remains a solution for your request, you can use P7 to enter the values you need for your project.
This class has no final value and can be used for areas without specific requirements.

Best regards, 

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

Dear Basile

Thanks for your answer.

You can find Finnish lighting classes from here Finnish classes

(page 25) if you want to add them to Relux in the future.

Alternative if users can modify all European classes that would be very handy function for Finnish lighting designers.

Dear Tom Eskelinen

Thank you for this information, I will forward this paper to our development team to decide whether the Finnish classes will be added in one of our next versions of ReluxDesktop.
We will also discuss your second request internally.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

Hallo Herr Schlegel,

also in Berlin individual classes are needed as a local lighting regulation requiring special values incl. a separate naming (Ausführungsverordnung (AV) Berlin as a part of the Lichtkonzpt Berlin).

Within the Relux Suite it was not an issue to define such classes.

If I am right, also in Sweden different classes a required.

Best Regards

P. Uhrig

Selux AG

Head of Lighting Application


FYI also in Norway different classes are used.

Would be nice to at least be able to change the values and to save them.

The best would be to create our own classes.

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