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Where to download 3D objects?


I am new to relux and I am only now utilizing the 3d element of the software, unfortunately I would like some more 3d objects to use but I can't seem to find any websites that have the blk format. I am using the 2016 version at the moment and would really appreciate your help.

you can import 3DS objects..if the offered relux 3D objects do not fit your taste.


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I am using the latest relux version and i can't import 3Ds Objekts. I am looking for pictures and sculptures to import please help me. 

I'm not sure if we are allowed to post links on the forums but I found a website that has many different 3D objects that can be used, they have everything including sculptures.

I found a website that has many different 3ds objects including sculptures. https:// archive3d. net/

Just remove the spaces.

Thanks i found this page too. But i can't import 3ds objekts only blk and rlx3d

need to 'import' (start-import-3Dobject)

not in the menu 'insert'  where there you can upload blk and rlx3d..


Thank you very much now i found a way to import. but there is an other problem. I imported a picture and it works fine but the picture is empty and no graphic  is on it. How can i fix that.

Dear Philipp Ruggaber

Please send the picture you would like to have imported to, we will help you to solve this problem.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support


Tengo un plano en 3D en acutocad, quisiera importarlo como objeto 3D en relux, que debo hacer, es un transformador de potencia para una subestación eléctrica

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