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how to setup road calculation with decorative pole that have 2 different height


How to setup road calculation with decorative pole mounted at median with double arm on different height, one at 11m and 10m. Both arm length at 0.125m

Refer to my attachment.

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I have managed to find the solution by creating "new combination"  at the library.

Question now is why the selection "Central reservation (single row)" at the selection on ReluxDesktop were taken out? Previously we have this in ReluxSuite

As you can see from my attachments, the only way to get the correct orientation as per relux_suite_view.jpg is by having these feature back. If not, you will end up having something like this relux_desktop_street.jpg

Please we need these features back a.s.a.p.

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Dear Super Pippo

This is correct, the possibility to build a Central reservation (single row) is no longer available, to get the same result, please work with the command overhang.

Best regrads, 

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support

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