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Feedback of end user problems to Relux!

ok, I have tried and tried and tried with this new Relux but the usability of the software is literally becoming unbearable.

I would like to Highlight I'm not complaining for the sake of complaining, I'm complaining so hopefully something can be done and the software improves for all. If we don't highlight end user issues the software will never improve. My hope is that the developers take our feedback and action changes for the better rather than just make changes for the sake of making changes. As a user for over 5 years I have never once been asked for user feedback so feel this post is overdue.

I would like to highlight that I do submit tickets  where possible asking for features or general tips to improve my experience with the software (this normally happens when the software crashes). My requests have been ignored with very blank responses that don't actually address the problems. This was a response from Relux to me  after I requested an easier way to select design information on the properties window after a crash (Thank you for your feedback, we understand your criticism, but we need to make progress, analyze and redefine features)

My hope is that other users have faced the same problems and hope Relux will notice it isn't just one person being difficult.

 Ok now I'm going to start the list.

1. Luminaire Selection. Just look at the image attached and tell me how this is even usable? Now picture a project where you have 10-20 different luminaires. your making it impossible to even select the correct Luminaire for the job. This manager needs to be updated. Further more. Why on earth is there a Luminaire and a product tab on the main ribbon BUT the Luminaire tab only lets you turn on of off aiming arrows? Surely it makes more sense to have a luminaire tab with all the managing properties for Luminaires in that job in that one tab? the other (products tab) could be rebadges as ''Controls'' and you could have a tab dedicated for all the controls. Was this even Beta Tested by Lighting Designers? 

2. Window Layout. In the older version of Relux the coordinates sections could be positioned at the bottom of the window and it didn't compromise the other windows - it was more of an addition to the presented information although this newer version just impedes your use of the software. could this please be addressed.

3. CAD imports/Sorting Scenes -  There used to be a section on the Ribbon dedicated for CAD plans and managing scenes (Sort scenes), this can now only be done in each individual rooms once you've set up the calculation.

4. Properties - previous versions worked on a  tab based system this was a much better system (I would deem better than the even older version where a properties window would open) but we now have a drop down +/- selection which actually hinders more than it helps. Rather than clicking 1 tab and being presented with the information I need, I now need to filter through a drop down list with multiple clicks on a selection screen that is all the same colour with no indication where you can input the data. Overall 1 click on a tab for the system your looking for is better than multiple clicks and several scrolls to find the information.

I now have a folder on my desktop named Relux Issues and will update this post as I find more and more problems with the usability with the software with the intent it can be improved.

Thank you all for reading, let me know if you have any similar experiences.


3 CAD Plan.png
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Honestly i would appreciate if they could response to our questions much faster.


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Hello Super Pippo,

I don't know why they don't take end users feedback seriously, this post has been active 5days and your the first to respond to my post.

Thank you for commenting, If you find or have any problems with the new software please post the issue.


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Dear Matthew Waters

First, be sure that every proposal, recommendation, complaint or feature request is discussed internally, first by the support and in a second step by our development team and there are many cases, as you can imagine.

You are always welcome to send us advice on what we should improve in our software, just as many other users do, this prevents frustration when working with our software and we take user input and suggestions seriously.

We do our best to answer our users' questions as quickly as possible so that they can continue working on their project. We prioritize the ticket system because we expect that questions in the forum can be answered by other users.

1.1 There is a solution to this issue. Select "Object as list" and "Big symbols" in the window to simplify your luminaire selection. You can also select "LDC" if you have not been provided with a Picture of the luminaire.

1.2 We separate these two tabs, because if you work with sensors, they should not appear together with the luminaires. However, as you may know, it is possible to customize the ribbon and tabs to your needs by yourself.

2. Please check the box at "Coodrinates" in the main menu "Window" to get the desired coordinate section. Now you can place it the way you where used to before.

3. We need more information to fully understand this problem. It may help you to know that you can manage the rooms in the project tree.

4. We have already received some feedback about the new properties section and are already working on an improvement. Thank you for your patience.

We understand that you have high expectations for our software which you work with every day, we constently working to improve our software and fix any bugs that might come up.

Dont hestitate to contat me for any furhter Problem. I hope you continue to enjoy working with our software.

Best regards, 

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support

This is what I use for my settings. Import via 'window' > 'Import'.

May not be what you want but it shows what can be done with some manipulation.


@Basile Schlegel

I posted more on my issue with the CAD Manager. The problem is that there isn't an overall CAD manager for each floor or the entire project. The old version of Relux you were able to open the manager and select what CAD plans you wanted to view on that floor. This meant you could model an entire building in 1 calculation (see my attached Screenshots Older Relux  model CAD Plan Example 01 & 02)  you only see the CAD plans relevant to the floor you wanted to view.

In this new version, you only have access to the CAD manager once you have made a floor, set a scene/room, opened the room then selected properties for that 1 room. You are unable to set 1 CAD Plan to a floor and turn off ones you don't wish to view (see my attached Screenshots New Relux Model CAD Plan Example 01 & 02) where you can clearly see on the 2F you have 2 CAD plans loaded on that Floor which you cannot turn off.

Overall, We need to be able to select what CAD plans or Floor plans are active on each Floor and currently we don't have access to do that. This is where I say a CAD plan manager should be placed on the Ribbon rather than hidden deep in the software.

I hope this clears up the CAD plan Confusion

I was a Dialux person through and through and couldn't get to grips with Relux at all before Desktop appeared. One just has to 're-learn' every program change no differently to when Microsoft reinvents Windows (all too often!). All these ribbons, etc. Why? I blame AutoCad!


Appreciate change, after all any person in Building services will need constant development. If there is anything from Dialux (the dark side) you found easier or you think would be a great addition to Relux please share!

Matthew, not here but I am on Linkedin (and I think you may be too). Shame there's no PM system here (Basile please note!). Connect with me (don't want to be public with emails) and we can 'talk' further.

Dear Matthew Waters

It is still possible to manage all imported CAD plans or background images for each room and each floor separately. Open the main menu "View" and find there a quick access button named CAD plan and Background.
If you select on this icon, all inserted documents will be hidden, but it is also possible to display only the required plans.

To customize the documents, right-click on the floor plan and select "Properties" and then CAD plan. There you can change the drawing units, the rotation and the origin of your plans.
In this dialog it is also possible to remove inserted documents by unchecking the box "Use in the avtice scene".

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further Questions.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support

@Basile Schlegel

Thank you for pointing that out. That was Hidden in plain sight. I'm sure you can understand the confusion when you have to look in 3 different locations with to find the right function to either import, edit or turn on/off CAD plans. (why a general manger is needed)  

Can you tell me once I've imported a CAD plan on a floor, how do I move  it or even rotate it? I ask because the 0,0 point on some of the plans I receive change (depending who exports the Revit model) meaning I either need to spend time relocating it in 2D CAD or manually move it in Relux (I'm not talking about individual rooms as you have shown above, I'm talking about the CAD plan for the entire floor plan)

Thank you


Hello Matt,

My latest post on some issues in the road calculation were 1 weeks ago. Yesterday I did add another issue, but as usual no feedback.

I am not surprised at all as I had the experience to get the response after almost 1 year haha


I should like to add that (I my experience) that the CAD plan location cannot change in Relux (nearly said 'that other' one!) or the drawing reference goes red and does not show. I assume that Relux does not keep an image of the CAD drawing within the project file. In this case the CAD file needs to imported as a new layout. I would like to 'import' in the same location as here and it is something which I have already been in conversation with Basile about.

Dear Matthew Waters

This is a good question and I can imagine that a lot of users have the same problem to find it. I will forward this issue to our development team.

In the print screen below you can see, which button has to be selected to open the properties within the floor.

@ Bernard Glossop

That is correct, ReluxDesktop does not keep the CAD drawing or the background image in the project. But ReluxDesktop remembers the folder path of the inserted file and can display it again if the folder path has not been changed.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support

Probably is Basile on Holidays .-)

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