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Feedback of end user problems to Relux!

ok, I have tried and tried and tried with this new Relux but the usability of the software is literally becoming unbearable.

I would like to Highlight I'm not complaining for the sake of complaining, I'm complaining so hopefully something can be done and the software improves for all. If we don't highlight end user issues the software will never improve. My hope is that the developers take our feedback and action changes for the better rather than just make changes for the sake of making changes. As a user for over 5 years I have never once been asked for user feedback so feel this post is overdue.

I would like to highlight that I do submit tickets  where possible asking for features or general tips to improve my experience with the software (this normally happens when the software crashes). My requests have been ignored with very blank responses that don't actually address the problems. This was a response from Relux to me  after I requested an easier way to select design information on the properties window after a crash (Thank you for your feedback, we understand your criticism, but we need to make progress, analyze and redefine features)

My hope is that other users have faced the same problems and hope Relux will notice it isn't just one person being difficult.

 Ok now I'm going to start the list.

1. Luminaire Selection. Just look at the image attached and tell me how this is even usable? Now picture a project where you have 10-20 different luminaires. your making it impossible to even select the correct Luminaire for the job. This manager needs to be updated. Further more. Why on earth is there a Luminaire and a product tab on the main ribbon BUT the Luminaire tab only lets you turn on of off aiming arrows? Surely it makes more sense to have a luminaire tab with all the managing properties for Luminaires in that job in that one tab? the other (products tab) could be rebadges as ''Controls'' and you could have a tab dedicated for all the controls. Was this even Beta Tested by Lighting Designers? 

2. Window Layout. In the older version of Relux the coordinates sections could be positioned at the bottom of the window and it didn't compromise the other windows - it was more of an addition to the presented information although this newer version just impedes your use of the software. could this please be addressed.

3. CAD imports/Sorting Scenes -  There used to be a section on the Ribbon dedicated for CAD plans and managing scenes (Sort scenes), this can now only be done in each individual rooms once you've set up the calculation.

4. Properties - previous versions worked on a  tab based system this was a much better system (I would deem better than the even older version where a properties window would open) but we now have a drop down +/- selection which actually hinders more than it helps. Rather than clicking 1 tab and being presented with the information I need, I now need to filter through a drop down list with multiple clicks on a selection screen that is all the same colour with no indication where you can input the data. Overall 1 click on a tab for the system your looking for is better than multiple clicks and several scrolls to find the information.

I now have a folder on my desktop named Relux Issues and will update this post as I find more and more problems with the usability with the software with the intent it can be improved.

Thank you all for reading, let me know if you have any similar experiences.


3 CAD Plan.png
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@Basile Schlegel

Thank you for pointing that out. That was Hidden in plain sight. I'm sure you can understand the confusion when you have to look in 3 different locations with to find the right function to either import, edit or turn on/off CAD plans. (why a general manger is needed)  

Can you tell me once I've imported a CAD plan on a floor, how do I move  it or even rotate it? I ask because the 0,0 point on some of the plans I receive change (depending who exports the Revit model) meaning I either need to spend time relocating it in 2D CAD or manually move it in Relux (I'm not talking about individual rooms as you have shown above, I'm talking about the CAD plan for the entire floor plan)

Thank you


I should like to add that (I my experience) that the CAD plan location cannot change in Relux (nearly said 'that other' one!) or the drawing reference goes red and does not show. I assume that Relux does not keep an image of the CAD drawing within the project file. In this case the CAD file needs to imported as a new layout. I would like to 'import' in the same location as here and it is something which I have already been in conversation with Basile about.

Dear Matthew Waters

This is a good question and I can imagine that a lot of users have the same problem to find it. I will forward this issue to our development team.

In the print screen below you can see, which button has to be selected to open the properties within the floor.

@ Bernard Glossop

That is correct, ReluxDesktop does not keep the CAD drawing or the background image in the project. But ReluxDesktop remembers the folder path of the inserted file and can display it again if the folder path has not been changed.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel

Relux Support

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