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Dark Areas on Solids Faces When Rendered


When rendering in Relux I am finding that not all faces of solids are illuminated. I have created stairs (as attached) and this shows my issue. I believe that it is related to the mesh construction/orientation but am unable to determine what requires changing. I am sure that there is guidance within this forum, or a tutorial, somewhere but now I want it I cannot find it!

Please advise.

Hello Bernard Glossop

This is correct, it can help to modify the mesh of your object to avoid such black surfaces.

Please select your object and open the dialog Calculation in the Properties. There you can select the desired surface to modify it.

To verify whether the mesh is already fine enough, right-click on a 3D view under "3D luminance distribution" after your calculation and select "Show 3D rasters Points".

Please send us your project directly to if the black areas have not disappeared in your visualization.

Best regards, 

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support


Thank you - well explained, and all faces are now rendering correctly based on your above advice.

Here is the online guidance that I 'lost'! ReluxDesktop Troubleshooter - Calculated objects with black faces

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