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How to introduce differents scales in differents calculs


we have a problem with the new version of relux 2018.2.7.0

In the versionĀ 2015.1.1.0. we can use differents scale for differents spaces to show the needs for a room with 500lx or a technical local with only 150lx.

Now in 2018.2.7.0 when we tray to put differents version of the scale, once we change the scale in one of them they change all the scales from the others also.

Are we doing anything wrong or is a mistake in the version?

thank you for your help

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Dear Laura Salido

You are not doing anything wrong.

Unfortunately, this function is no longer available, we are working internally on a solution that corresponds to the needs of our users.

As a workaround, you can use Manual scaling so that each room is comparable to another.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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