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How to simulate indoor window (between twoo rooms) for daylight?

I have kinder garten in atachment. I need to calculate daylight. If i use only main windows in classroom i have very poor daylight in right corner of room (1001). So I want to try calculate with daylight from toilets and dressroom (1002,1003,1004). 

How I can place windows between room on floor or to indoor wall if I calculate all floor like one room and separe it with walls.

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Dear Lukás Rotrekl

Each room is calculated separately and is not affected by other rooms on the same floor as long as it is created in a separate scene.

This means that a calculation is performed within a scene and not in the floor, so you need to build a scene for the entire floor with all the rooms you want to take into account.

As you can see in the following example, I place a 3D cube over the entrances to simulate the door frame.

Do not hesitate to contact me again for further questions.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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