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Diagonal Measurement Plane with horizontal calculation grid


I have question about the the horizontal Eh.

I would like to calculate stairs, so i create diagonal measurement plane along the stairs. Then i set the "designation" to horizontal Eh, and i deleted the illuminance. (see attached picture "before calculation 1 & 2").

But after the calculation, the "illuminance" in designation tab is appeared again. (see attached picture "after calculation 1 &2")

So now, how is the status of my calculation? Is it diagonal, horizontal or mixed result?

Thank you very much

Dear Ferdy Wirana

You will get two separate results, one for the rotated measuring points and one for the horizontal measuring points.

As you can see, by comparing the two results, the horizontal measuring points measure slightly more light. 

This is because the luminaire is located directly above the measuring surface.

In addition, I provide you with a short video tutorial on how you can create a staircase faster and better.

Do not hesitate to contact me again for further questions.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

(8.48 MB)

 Dear Basile Schlegel,

Thank you very much for your answer also the tutorial.

They are very helpful!

This mp4 is so educational - it's saved me hours of time. Creating a group in 3D row. Never realised this command could be used this way. Stairs now take nominal time to create - Thanks.

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