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Two things that will make Relux Desktop the best program on the planet. "Mirroring" and export targeting in AutoCAD

Dear RELUX staff!

1) I’m asking you for the millionth time to make the mirroring function in Relux Desktop the same way as in Relux PRO. In Relux PRO, the mirroring function worked perfectly!

2) I also ask you to improve export to AutoCAD. After exporting, it is necessary that the entire targeting line is displayed on the plan (from the spotlight to the aiming point).

Dear Ivan Verevkin,

Many thanks for your suggestions.
We will improve the mirroring function in ReluxDesktop and a corresponding feature request already exists.

However, we have to prioritize the development task and will work on it as soon as we have the capacity.

Also for your second request a feature request will be created and forwarded to our development team to be discussed internally.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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