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Relux Desktop 2020 - slow down in bigger projects?


tried to open bigger project, which worked fluently in latest 2019 update, but now really slow with 2020, not fluent moves above plan.

HW: new laptop HP Elitebook Core i7, 16GB, SSD...

Any experience?

Thank you for comments here.

Best regards,


Same here, I had to uninstall 2020 version. There was no way to work on projects done with 2019 version.

I'm waiting to update which will fix it.

Same Here, I saved my current project in 2020 version so now i installed 2019 but its not opening

Same here i downgrade to 2019 because of some bugs and quite slowly projects

To open a 2020 relux with 2019, you must first delete the plan in 2020 version then reinstall 2019 and reimport the plan

Is anyone tried the bug fixed version of 2020.1.1.0

Hi, yes, I tried, but no change, still slow.


yup - it works with cad but much slower than 2019 - i'm still using 2019 and wait for next fixing update

Thank you Pavel and Maciej. Then i will not update and wait for the stable version.

I think the problem is with the graphics card. In our company, we have all the problems with the Nvidia graphics card. Those with an ATI graphics card don't have any problems.

 i was taking about 2020.1.1.0 version - there's new 2020.1.2.0 one, but i will not try it now, i will wait till next several updates

my laptop has ATI Radeon 550X GC and it doesn´t work...

I tried 2020.1.2.0 that is little bit better than 2020.1.0.0

there is 2020.1.3.0 -  how is it?
have anybody already tested it?

Dear Sirs

Thank you for informing the other users about the performance problem in the previous ReluxDesktop.

In the meantime ReluxDesktop is working fine again (Version 2020.1.3.0). If you still encounter problems, please contact our support directly:

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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