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V 12. March 2020

New update is very slow, and we're experiencing screen freezes and lots of crashes. New version seems very unstable.  

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Download the new version released on 18.02.2020 and the version is 2020.1.1.0

I am also experiencing the same thing. Every update seems to get more unstable. Currently using 2020.1.2.0.

Crashes when trying to do anything after you perform a calculation.

Relux please help

The same for me, I have delete the 2020, and reinstal 2019.

Same here


Test this by switching from Windows driver to Mesa 3D Graphics Lirary under settings via Open GL.



Changing that setting does not solve the problem.



I have installed the most recent update and am experiencing similar issues.


I have built the model utilising a CAD file.

Once completed I have added in the luminaires accordingly using EzyLux.

I have I have gone into the scene and into luminaires in order to reposition them.

I have gone to click on a luminaire within the existing field.

Everytime I do this, Relux encounters a fatal error and reboots.


I have uninstalled Relux, downloaded it again and re-installed.

The same error still occurs.


I have sent the file to a colleague who had been able to execute the above and he has done so successfully.

I'm unsure how to proceed.

Dear Dylan Phillips

The reason for these crashes could be an old graphics card driver.

Please switch the driver to Mesa 3DGraphics in the Open GL settings.

If this solves the problem, update your graphics card driver and switch back to Windows Driver in the settings.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Relux Informatik AG
Basile Schlegel
Relux Support

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