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I have updated to Relux Desktop 2020.1.5.0 and have noted to option to "File" - "Import" - CAD File to allow 2 or more DWG files to exist in a single project has changed.

There is now only the option to have the original source DWG file and then options to import DXF, WRL and 3DS files.

Can anyone help as to how to import additional DWG files into a project?

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I have the same problem, do you have any solution ?

I did find a solution - or  a work around. It works like this, if you have a DWG with the scheme built upon - lets call this X001 and a new revised plan comes out, you can go to across the top - "file" - "start" - "project " click Insert - you will notice on the new menu "Scenes" - Then "bse object / room object /  exter....." - then " From Cad PLan" - then (this is the one we want) "Insert CAD Plan" - select from your file tree the new CAD plan - this then brings the new CAD plan into the project - and under the project plan Window (left side) you will see "Construction Aid" - in here the new CAD plan appears.

Just some errors - the new CAD plan even if a clone of the old one will not have the same origin points - so the new plan will need to have the old plans origin (x,y) inserted to lay one on top of the other

The other error is that this will need to be done for every single scene and room - import the plan and align it.....

Not good :(

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