If you have purchased a network licence, the "CodeMeter User Runtime" must be installed and configured on the licence server. 

The licence server must have an available USB port for the USB hardlock.

Licence server
The CodeMeter User Runtime can be downloaded on various platforms directly from the manufacturer's website.

Configure CodeMeter User Runtime
CodeMeter must be run as a network server. This setting can be made via the web interface.
Http: // localhost: 22350 / configuration / server_access.html

Activating the licence
It is best to perform licence activation directly on the licence server.

Download and install ReluxDesktop


If ReluxDesktop can not find a licence
If the payware add-on in ReluxDesktop does not find the licence already activated on the server, 

the IP address of the licence server may has to be manually entered into the server search list.

This is done via the web interface.
Http: // localhost: 22350 / configuration / server_search_list.html