To return to AutoCAD, please select the AutoCAD Icon in the Relux menu bar, or close Relux.

This will return you to the dialog window shown below again:

After exchanged to AutoCAD back from Relux it opens the menu Relux interface.

Select the desired form of presentation for the results in AutoCAD and observe the impact on the CAD plan after pressing the Close command.

You can align the presentation by means of the   button.

You have now completed the lighting planning for a room in just a few steps.

Visualization of results into AutoCAD with isolines and results view.

Note: In AutoCAD, it is best to have only one measuring area per room. In the EN 12464 standard that applies to interior lighting in Europe, 

and the additional workplace-related measuring areas for this, it is not possible to have all the areas output simultaneously. 

Opt for the most important information in your planning and select the measuring areas accordingly. 

You should document the individual rooms on a detailed basis with the lighting calculation program.