All the rooms in the building are captured in the room book and typical rooms allocated as per step 2, and luminaire types allocated as described in step 3

Any desired designation can be selected for the Name (name), Raumnummer (room number) and Stockwerk (storey).

For each room, the spezifische Leistung (specific power) and the Projekt- (project) and

Anforderungswertwert (specified value) – as per the selection in step 1: sia-Limit Value, sia-Target Value, MINERGIE® or Effeled – in kWh/m² are calculated automatically. 

The red or green dot in the first column shows whether the requirement is met for the room or not.

In our case, there is a need for optimisation in Raum 1 (room 1) and Raum 4 (room 4). Go back to step 2 "Typische Räume" (Form 2, Typical rooms).

Using a contemporary lighting control system, the absolute electricity consumption of the lighting installation can be aligned to the conditions of use and the daylight conditions. 


  1. Tageslichtregelung: Konstantlicht (Daylight control system: constant light)
  2. Präsenzmelder: auto off (Presence detector: auto off)

Back in the room book, it is clear that the Minergie Anforderungswertwert (requirement value) is not exceeded in any of the rooms.