By linking any luminaire RFA with real products from ReluxNet you have the
possibility of performing lighting calculations and using the ZonalCavity function,
even if you work with families from any source or families without photometric
information (self-created, prodzct template catalogues, ...).

Luminaire Browser

All families of the class "Lighting Fixture" are listed in the luminaire browser.


 The different markings on the left side show you from which source 
the family comes and whether it can be used for calculations:

Real product from ReluxNet

Individual luminaire from the Building360 components catalogue

Individual luminaire from unknown source

Individual luminaire linked to a real product from ReluxNet

Individual luminaire with a light distribution curve

On the right side you will find the function buttons:

Link with a real product from ReluxNet

Inverse linking with real product from ReluxNet

Luminaire configurator

To link an individual luminaire with a real product, use the button "Link with a real
product from ReluxNet". This opens ReluxNet and you can select a suitable luminaire.
If the individual luminaire comes from a known source (e.g. Building360 template catalogue),
the filters on ReluxNet are automatically adapted so that you can
find a suitable product as quickly as possible.

Then select "Open in Revit".

Now you have the possibility to transfer some parameters from the real product to the
individual family. This information is written directly into the type parameters.
The transfer of the dimensions adapts the model to the dimensions of the
real product in case of known sources.

When linking, a copy of the original type is created, which is then adjusted according to the
selected options. The instances of the original type can now be automatically changed to the new type.


All luminaires that either originate from ReluxNet, are linked to a luminaire from ReluxNet or have a LDC can be placed automatically with the ZonalCavity function.

In the case of linked luminaires the real product is used for the calculation, but the individual luminaire is placed in the Revit model.


When exporting to ReluxDesktop, the real products are exported.
This allows you to carry out a lighting calculation in Relux and to adjust the
positions, number or type of luminaires.
If the Relux project is reimported into the Revit model, the original luminaire
models are again placed instead of the real products.


Inverse linking

If new luminaire types are added in the Relux project, these are imported into
the Revit model as ReluxNet luminaires. The "Link to individual luminaire"
function now enables you to replace the real product with an individual model.
The individual family is linked with the real product and the instances can in turn be exchanged automatically.