General information

Relux members provide ReluxDesktop users with a large number of luminaires and sensors free of charge for planning purposes. Users wishing to compile projects with third-party products can purchase a Relux ThirdParty licence.

Lighting planning without a ReluxThirdParty licence

Without a licence, users can select products from well-known manufacturers in the lighting industry in the product selection dialogue. Luminaire and sensor data from other manufacturers can be imported into the scene via the “individual luminaire” section or by drag & drop.

Datasheets from a Relux member are shown in full. The datasheet for the third-party LDC, on the other hand, only contains the most important information, and the product name is anonymised.

In addition, products from manufacturers listed with Relux can be edited under “Modify type”. This function cannot be used for luminaires from other manufacturers.

A note will be included to this effect on the printout for projects containing third-party products.

Users wishing to plan with third-party luminaires can obtain a Relux ThirdParty licence from the Relux shop and activate it. 

Important: Please note that this licence is not required for the two add-ons ReluxTunnel and ReluxEnergyCH.  Also, if your company is a Relux member, you do not need to buy a license.

Lighting planning with a ReluxThirdParty licence

The luminaire designation will then be indicated on the datasheets of the imported luminaires.

In the same way as a luminaire from the database, the third-party luminaire from a third-party supplier can be adapted under Modify type. The modified luminaire will be marked with an exclamation mark in the product name in the standard manner.

And the note will no longer be included on the printout.